Renal Dialysis Unit

patient helped during dialysis session in hospital

Temporary Modular Renal Dialysis Unit

Aspen Medical has designed several modular Renal Dialysis Units that can rapidly deploy to remote and austere environments anywhere in the world. Our units are designed with all the requirements to enable renal dialysis patients to receive the treatment required without the need to leave their community. As with all Aspen Medical clinical infrastructure units, if there is a greater need elsewhere, the units can be rapidly deployed to meet this need.

The capability provided by Aspen Medical can be tailored to meet customer requirements, whether that is a single module with up to twelve renal dialysis chairs or multiple modules with as many chairs as is required.

Key features

The deployable Renal Dialysis Units are innovative and specifically designed and engineered to meet the requirements of remote communities. Key features of this Aspen Medical renal dialysis solution include:

  • provision for the delivery of clinical dialysis and the provision of support for those undertaking home dialysis within their communities
  • the twelve-chair capacity unit will usually meet the demand in most remote communities. Multiple Renal Dialysis Units can be deployed to satisfy higher demand in communities that require them
  • the latest generation dialysis machines suitable for all dialysis patients including those at the latter stages of treatment
  • a custom-built reverse osmosis treatment plant adds contingency in the event of an unlikely breakdown
  • allowing for above ground installation (300-500mm – up to 1 metre) to meet flood level requirements
  • robust construction from the ground up to withstand inclement weather and multiple deployments
  • the provision of wheelchair access
  •  the capacity to absorb mains power fluctuations that reset dialysis machines and will allow dialysis treatment to continue in the event of a power failure
  • a backup generator as a redundancy against total mains power failure
  • the provision of the necessary high-quality water and relatively low water usage
  • lifting mounts based on a standard ISO 40’ container specifications easing handling and transport of the module by flatbed truck, side loader, tilt tray, crane or container forklift.
  • the Renal Dialysis Unit is rapidly deployable to other targeted locations should the demand require
  • the unit has external measurements of 12.192m long, 3.5m wide and 3.1m high.

How it works

Our design team will work closely with your department specialists in the design phase to deliver the right product for the task. All units can be built to order depending on the requirement of the facility. The typical lead time for a new build is approximately 14 weeks.

Once engaged, Aspen Medical will conduct a comprehensive site survey to determine the best access for trucks and cranes, location for the unit and proximity to existing utilities and main building entries.

After installation onsite, Aspen Medical will work closely with the facility during the validation and commissioning phase to ensure the unit is operational to relevant state government health regulations. Any necessary training will be supplied before handover to ensure all staff are familiar and confident in the Renal Dialysis Unit.

Inclusions in a typical deployable modular Renal Dialysis Unit from Aspen Medical

Connection to facility IT and tracking system
3 - 12 chair capability separated by curtains
Television to each treatment bay
Multi-head split system air conditioning
Adjustable treatment chairs
Medical gas supply system using 2 x 8,000 L cylinders on oxygen
Gascon auto changeover manifolds and a BOC Gases medical gas alarm panel
Busch double pump medical suction system
Dialysis machines
Reverse Osmosis Treatment Plant
Water pre-treatment plant
Under bench refrigerator
Hot/cold water service
Staff work area
Validation and commissioning of equipment
Validation and commissioning of RO system
Staff training

Hospital requirements for the installation of a deployable modular Renal Dialysis Unit

Electrical connection to hospital32 Amp 3-phase sockets
Water supply to hospital¾ brass quick connector and suitable hose length
Connection to hospital grey water system50mm male threaded connection
Planning permissionRelevant state government/council building approvals and permits
Engineering Footings and associated groundworks, associated linkways to module (if required)

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