Aspen Medical’s health infrastructure making a difference in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Far North Queensland

Indigenous health specialist, Equity Health Solutions, has engaged Aspen Medical to construct and install three Renal Dialysis Storage Units (RDSUs) for the Apunipima Cape York Health Council in Far North Queensland (FNQ).

The three locations to receive the RDSUs are Kowanyama, Aurukun and Coen. The introduction of the RDSUs will ensure that these remote indigenous communities have the capability to store bulk dialysate, which is vital for home-based renal dialysis treatment. Having a dedicated capability on country, ensures there is less disruption to the patient and their extended families as they no longer would need to travel vast distances several times a week to undergo dialysis treatment. This ensures that the family unit remains intact, and also reduces the strain on existing health capability.

Aspen Medical, in partnership with Medical Designs, are responsible for the project delivery, whereby the units were built in Brisbane and shipped to FNQ.